Iulia is an international consultant. She began her business to empower female leaders and entrepreneurs, to dare, challenge the patriarchal concepts, follow their dreams, build healthy teams, and have successful growing businesses.  

She achieved success because of her balanced, resilient, and fun approach to business. One complaint many people have about consultants is that they can be rigid and disruptive. Iulia’s clients face no such issues. 

Iulia is also offering her time to mentor women on different platforms: Power to Fly and BestJobs.

“In 13 years of experience in growing different businesses and leading teams, I stood next to stressed entrepreneurs who sabotage themselves due to lack of a plan, strategy, but beyond that due to unhealed trauma and unquestioned biases. My passion for real results pushed me to study both business and psychology. My mission is to support women leaders and entrepreneurs to create healthy work environments, first and foremost learning to be comfortable with themselves. I am combining business strategies, management techniques, neurolinguistics programming, psychotraumatology and spirituality. I love when I see women becoming autonomous both financially and emotionally.” 

Why work with Iulia

Business Services

Consultants ranked firms on a scale of one to 10, based on prestige, firm culture, work-life balance, compensation, and other factors.

Leadership Mentoring

We have had to start competing on quality of life in a way that they never had to before — leading to higher ratings from consultants.

Financial Services

We are a company that offers design and build services for you from initial sketches to the final construction.


We are a dynamic niche consulting firm that has been helping visionary financial services brands convey their true essence.

More than 14 Years of Experience

I work with ambitious women who want their future to be successful and help them achieve extraordinary outcomes.


Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to:

  • Work fewer hours — and make more money
  • Attract and retain quality, high-paying customers
  • Manage your time so you’ll get more done in less time
  • Hone sharp leadership skills to manage your team
  • Cut expenses without sacrificing quality
  • Automate your business, so you can leave for days,
    weeks, or even months at a time
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